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A Sense of Community...

Web Natural Park ca1911.jpg

This photo appeared in a book published ca. 1918, and was labeled “Natural Park, Columbia Coal and Coke Company, Coalmont, B.C.”  The clothing worn by the people in the photo shows the period dress of the time.  Photo from the book “Nicola, Similkameen and Tulameen Valleys, The Richest Section of British Columbia” by Frank Bailey.

Web School.jpg

As Coalmont and Blakeburn grew, a two-room School was built near the West end of town. Grades 1-6 were in one room, and grades 7-12 were in the other. Photo ca 1930 courtesy Walt Smart.

Web School 2.jpg

Some of the students. Photo courtesy Walt Smart (on the left with the bike).

Web School 3.jpg

In later years, the school got a coat of paint. It was dismantled in 1976. Photo courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Post Office ca1940.jpg

Coalmont had several Post Offices. This one was purpose built and was located behind the Mozey-On-Inn. Photo ca 1940 courtesy Dave Brown (on left).

Web FRED 1942.jpg

Both of these twin buildings served as Post Offices for a couple of years. The one in the foreground, which has been moved and is now the Office of the Mozey-On-Inn, was an Ice Cream Parlour during the heyday of Coalmont. There is a house barely visible in the background, and all three buildings were owned by Coalmont's Architect, D. R. Boucher. They were located where the Coalmont Emporium is now, across Parrish Avenue from the General Store. Photo ca 1942 courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Architects House 2005.jpg

Architect Boucher's house was later moved to the East on Columbia Street. This is how it appeared in 2005. Bob Sterne photo.

Web Anglican Church.jpg

This beautiful Anglican Church stood about where the Architect's house is located today. Photo ca 1930 courtesy Walt Smart.

Web Prospectors Cabin 2005.jpg

This old Prospector's Cabin is located on Campbell Avenue near Front Street. There was a United Church on the corner. 2005 photo by Bob Sterne.