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Boom Town...

Web Coalmont 1955.jpg

This photo shows the Coalmont Hotel, which still operates today as a pub.  The abandoned building to the right was originally a Bakery, which became the Union Bank, then the Royal Bank which closed in 1935.  There were three stores located where the Mozey-On-Inn is today, a Blacksmith shop, a Restaurant, and Matheson's General Store.  They are in the background in this 1955 photo, from the Provincial Archives of B.C.

Web Rear of Blacksmith ca1932.jpg

This is the rear of the Blacksmith's Shop ca.1932. Photo courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Our Corner ca1950.jpg

This photo ca.1950 shows the corner of Main and Parrish, which is today the home of the Mozey-On-Inn.  The building on the right was originally A.D. Worgan’s Store, later Buckley’s Drug Store (1921-26), and lastly a Blacksmith’s Shop.  One or both of the buildings in the middle was the Miller’s Brothers Restaurant and Confectionery (ca.1928), and to the left on these lots was Matheson’s Store (1923-1939).  The well in the foreground of this photo could possibly be the community well.  Photo from the book “Ghost Town Trails” by Lambert Florin.

Web Our Corner ca 1964.jpg

This is how our Corner looked in 1964.  The streets were still not paved, and electricity had not yet returned to Coalmont.  Photo courtesy Princeton Museum.

Web Pool Hall ca1935.jpg

Originally a Men's Furnishings (clothing and accessories) store operated by S.R. Tilson, this building became a Pool Hall run by "Blind Bill".  It was located down the block from the Meat Market.  Photo ca.1935 courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Liquor Store.jpg

This photo of the Liquor Store was taken ca.1930.  It still stands right across from the Coalmont Hotel.  Photo courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Meat Market.jpg

The Liquor Store moved into the back of the store, and the front became a Meat Market.  Photo ca.1940 courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Meat Market 2004.jpg

This building was originally the Pioneer Meat Market (1912), the Government Liquor Store, and the front later became the Coalmont Meat Market.  The Liquor Store closed in 1940 (you can still read the sign on the back), but the building has had numerous uses since.  It sits directly opposite the Coalmont Hotel, on the North side of Main Street.  2004 photo by Bob Sterne.

Web Liquor Store 2005.jpg

On the back of the Meat Market, in 2005, you could still see the faded sign for the Liquor Store.  The Coalmont Hotel, now just a pub, is in the background.  Bob Sterne photo.