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Coal and Rail

Web Coalmont ca1912.jpg

The Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway (VV&E) arrived in Coalmont on November 10, 1911.  This early photo shows the Coalmont Hotel, Cook's Store, both Livery Stables, McTavish's General Store, the Railway Station and Water Tower.  Photo courtesy the Princeton Museum.

Web KVR Station.jpg

Coalmont was on the VV&E / KVR joint line between Princeton and Brookmere.  This photo of the Station shows the General Store and the Livery Stable in the background, both of which still stand although the railroad is long gone.  Photo courtesy Dave Brown.

Web KVR Water Tower.jpg

The Water Tower was a GNR design, as was the Station behind it.  The water tower was removed in 1943, and the Station burned in 1957.  Well and Pump House in the foreground.  Photo ca.1935 courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Tipple 1931.jpg

This large, three storey building is the "Tipple", or lower terminal of the Aerial Tramline.  The full buckets of coal came down the tramline (black wires, upper right), into the upper floor and were dumped, with sorting occurring on the level below.  Good quality coal went directly into rail cars on the siding under the back part of the building.   Photo ca.1930 by David Oxley, courtesy the Princeton Museum.

Web Tipple 2004.jpg

All that remains of the Tipple today is a massive concrete pillar that served to anchor the bottom of the Tram line.  The pillar is visible on the left side of the road, near the "S" bends as you leave Coalmont going East towards Tulameen.  2004 Photo by Bob Sterne.

Web Power Plant 1.jpg

With an abundance of Coal, this Power Plant supplied electricity not only for the Mine at Blakeburn, but the excess was sold to Coalmont residents.  Photo ca.1930 courtesy Walt Smart.

Web Power Plant 2.jpg

When they cleaned the flues at the Power Plant, it bellowed black smoke.  When this occurred on a Monday (traditional day for washing), it sent the wives scurrying to bring in their laundry.  Photo ca.1930 courtesy Walt Smart.

Web PP Ruins 2004.jpg

All that remained of the Power Plant in 2004 was the foundation.  It is just Southeast of the concrete pillar which was the end of the Aerial Tramway in Upper Coalmont.  Piles of Clinkers (fused coal ash) are found nearby.  Bob Sterne photo.

Web Loading Ramp 2005.jpg

Other things were shipped from Coalmont besides Coal.  This loading ramp between Front Street and the KVR tracks was used for shipping Marl (powdered fossilized shells) and Sheep.  2005 photo by Bob Sterne.